Graphic Design

If you do not sit face to face with your client – how will you be able to communicate the contents with enthusiasm, passion and the special quality of the project? A written text can hardly ever substitute that.

Graphics – or visual communication (in a broader sense of meaning) performs this traction on all sorts of evels: with animated pictures, colours, deliberate typography and their arrangement, a world full of emotions and meanings, which outreaches the possibilities of a simple text, is created. Today,in an enviroment overflowing with stimulation and information, it has become hard to attract attention and to be understood. Good communication originates if your concern is fully understood. That is exactly where we can help you-with all our experience and passion. 

Corporate Identity

Printed matters
Object Lettering



Corporate Identity: Logo, colour language, business papers, typography, visual appearance at large
Printed matters: Catalogues, flyers, business reports, business papers, business cards, postcards, leporellos, signs, illustrations, maps, periodicals etc.
Internet: A classical homepage, as a Content Management System (CMS) or highly interactive with Flash-technology, the choice is yours
Object lettering: Outdoor sign-posting, guidance systems, info graphics, vehicle lettering